why We all know the scenario, you meet someone (man, woman, clown) at a gathering of professionals (conference, party, Bar Mitzvah) and all goes well. You reach for your left shirt pocket which is where you keep your business cards. Oh no! You’re all out...

Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Ok so maybe that scenario didn’t pique your interest, let’s try another. You just got back from your gathering of professionals and you want to connect with all of the people that you met. So you pull out your stack of cards and you go through your social network of choice searching for each one by one. Why?

How about we solve both problems at once. Instead of giving your new friend your printed business card how about you, save a tree and, txt them your virtual one. This action automatically places them in your online contact list and if they have a profile on contxts.com you both are connected. No more searching or fumbling in the dark!

why So now that we’ve gotten your interest you want to know how it works. There are two ways to connect with a colleague. Regardless of whether they have a profile on contxts or not you can exchange your credentials.

note:From your phone, you txt “send 3034759204” to 50500 (where 3034759204 is your recipients 10 digit number)

Your recipient will receive all of your contact information.

note:Your contact txts “username” to 50500 on their phone

You will receive a request confirmation (unless you have it turned off). Upon accepting, your contact will receive your information

why Your txt business card is not just an exchange of credentials. It’s also a request to connect profiles through our network. Each and every contact that you make is added to your virtual rolodex. From here you get access to whatever additional information they provide (flickr, twitter, linked-in).

If the person that you are connecting with doesn’t have a profile yet - no problem. When they do create a profile all of their information in your rolodex is automatically updated.

note:Manage your contacts in one easily accessed place
note:Export your contacts to Mac or PC
note:Make meaningful connections when you meet new colleagues